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The K5A heavy-duty high-speed counter that can handle all your cash handling needs while small enough to fit on a counter or tabletop. The K5A has the best in class and the latest currency counter technology with Dual CIS sensors. The Kisan K5A comes standard with 4 sorting pockets with a batch total up to 200 notes and one reject pocket with the capacity of up to 100 notes. The Kisan K5A comes with a large 7” detachable display for easy reading of the total count along with touch screen buttons for ease of use.  The Kisan K5A allows for customer presets for special jobs where you can assign different denominations to each pocket. The Kisan K5A has the ability for serial number capture, facing of bills, TITO ticket reading and Fitness sorting. 

  • # of Pockets: 4+1
  • Hopper Capacity: 1000
  • Stacker Capacity: 200
  • Reject Capacity: 100
  • Normal Count: 1000
  • Value Count: 1000
  • Fitness Speed: 1000
  • S/N Speed: 1000
  • Dim(W/H/D): 13.3/22.6/16/3 in. 
  • Weight: 83.8 lbs. 
  • Functions: Multi Currency, 20 Auto/mix, Face & Orientation, S/N (OCR), Fitness
  • S/N Reading: 
  • Fitness (F Type):
  • Currency: Up to 48 
  • Sensor: Dual CIS, UV, MG(18ch), IR, US(21ch) 
  • Connectivity/ Interface: Serial Port x 3 | LAN x 2 (Normal & Debug) | USB | OP Port
  • OS: Linux 
  • Screen: External 7" Touch Display (800 x 480 pixels) 
  • Options & Special Features: Heavy Duty Processing, Small Footprint, Rapid Face & Orientations, Check & Voucher TITO Scan, Network Solution (KBMS), Casino Clearance Program 


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