TC-8000S Currency Discriminator

TC-8000S Currency Discriminator

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The TC-8000S is equipped with a touch screen, supports sorting, banknote authentication, counting, value amounting, value presetting and many other functions. With 2 pockets, it won’t stop counting when counterfeit is detected.
The TC-8000S counts currency in three different modes, STRAIGHT COUNT as a simple note or piece counter, MIXED VALUE counts mixed currency and give the total, DENOMINATION DETECT counts a particular denomination and picks out any bill from the strap that is not the denomination being counted. 

  • Mix 3 currencies at a time
  • Recognize Currency & Denomination Automatically
  • It is 100% approved by European Central Bank (ECB test) in 2017
  • Value mix 3 currencies at the same time
  • Read  USD, EURO’s serial numberEquipped with dual CIS, UV, MG sensors
  • Cheap price, good quality and nice design
Hopper Capacity  Approx. 500 notes
Stacker Capacity  Approx. 200 notes
Reject Stacker Capacity  Approx. 80 notes
Counting Speed  800/900/1000 notes/min
Banknote Size
 Width 60~100 mm
 Length 85~190 mm
 Thickness 0.08~0.12 mm
Built-in Detection  UV/MG/IR/MT/Color/Image/Size/Thickness
Display  3.5 inch TFT LCD touch screen+External Display
Optional Device  Thermal Printer
Power Supply  DC100V-240V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension  280(W)x260(D)x315(H)  mm

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